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  • Locked – Cycle Peg Extrusion

    Spring 2013 | Extrusion Project. Aluminum and polymer extrusions for unique geared motorcycle peg that locks into place (and doesn’t rattle loose and fall off on the freeway becoming lost for ever).…

  • Righty Shock

    2009 – Single sided mountain bike shock designed for the high end mountain bike market.  Performed complete structural, vibration and fluid analysis.  

  • Hooker – Tool Organizing Extrusion

    Spring 2013 | Extrusion Project 2 (abandoned because manufacturing using extrusion process was not the ideal method) . ABS extrusion design to organize tools using a common 5 gallon bucket. A quick stress…

  • Gallery Chair and Stand

    Summer 2012 – Chair focused on gallery setting, minimal storage size, ease of set up, simple to adjust rows of chairs at a time. Designed using scaled model. Gallery Stand also designed for minimal…

  • Green Shower Head

    2010 – Additively manufactured shower head for reduced waste and implemented inline on / off valve. Solid Edge renderings prototype model using FDM machine